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Suggested Scenes for Performance: One option I frequently offer students in the Shakespeare and course is the opportunity to perform a scene from Shakespeare for the rest of the class. Acute bronchitis often starts with a dry, annoying cough that is triggered by the inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes. Interesting It looks like this book is on our website luxuryinburgundy. Teams huddle very close together, head on with the other team.

A ScreenWriter's View - A community where screenwriters connect to share opinions, views, news and more. This scene is a humorous tale of finding joy in life, no matter how old you are. Plus, they may give us a hint as to who in the cast will be exiting the show first. Sometimes actors only sing or dance, or sometimes they only work on radio. In fact, there are many sides for two women.

Here is a list of actors who death came at untimely cost as they were still working in a film, and how Hollywood scrambled to finish the films they were in. It stars Bel Powley as a year-old girl who becomes sexually active by starting a relationship with her mother's boyfriend. Monologue Archive Shakespearean monologues and related links from an Internet archive site. Flying - seriocomic - a two minute play; Liza flew around her room and is spooked. They will complete a character analysis worksheet for the character they have developed for their one word scene. Ewan McGregor has made a career or it.

Accessibility Compliance Notification Driver-partners must comply with all applicable state, federal and local laws governing the transportation of riders with disabilities. Posted on January 23, , A Neutral Script is a map or template for performance. Here are some other male actors who are doing their part to stop the bias against male nudity by showing off, well, their parts! These 12 mainstream actors have gone full frontal on the big screen. A Christmas Carol, by Frederick Gaines 2 scenes that flow rapidly from one to the next, activated by the setting.

Find one for males, females - and even teens. Then pick one at random and do the read. Featuring some dark moments and challenging scenes, this play offers rich roles for student actors. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Comments: Week of July 22, Awesome Movie Scripts and Screenplays. Teen Vogue covers the latest in celebrity news, politics, fashion, beauty, wellness, lifestyle, and entertainment. Children and teens who read plays regularly literally explode with ideas when they read new scripts.

We're gonna show you how Keep in mind, actors spend years and even lifetimes perfecting their craft. View categories like comedic, dramatic, classical and more in our ever-growing library. Afternoon acting training includes monologues and scene study from both contemporary and classical literature and ensemble work. Over 35 years of established on-camera acting and auditioning professional training for over 3, adult, teen, and kids Learn from experience! Training is under the sole direction of Dennis Sakamoto - Just For Actors does not place you with student teachers.

The actors should decide the "why" behind their desire before they start the scene.

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Perhaps more than any other time of life, the teen years are a period associated with distinct social norms, and language patterns are especially important to the. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Actor's choice: scenes for teens / edited by Jason Pizzarello. p. cm. Summary: “Collection of scenes from.

And, as a bonus, they have many wonderful monologues and scenes to explore in class and present. Although he had everything his heart desired, The Prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind. Shop for the latest Barbie toys, dolls, playsets, accessories and more today!. EraserHead - 23 actors Jolty's having a bad day! He got in trouble at school and now has to erase all the markings from books in the library. Keep in mind that bookstores and the Internet have a good supply of books and other reference materials containing monologues, scenes and other material that may be very useful in preparing for the Workshop.

Performance is focused a small. Open scenes — also called content-less scenes, ambiguous scenes, spare scenes, skeletal scenes — are great exercises for acting classes. Do you want the chance to work with him on a new film? There is a new movie casting call for extras. Acting is all about relationships. Read them on the net. Beads on a String. Ecstasy produces feelings of. Actorama, a social and business networking site for actors and other entertainment professionals, offers a wide variety of searchable monologues and scenes, including nearly from Shakspeare's works.

Buy discount theater tickets. An archive of production-tested minute plays. Actors West! Helping actors make industry connections. It is a master class in nuanced improvisational and long form performance tailored for those seeking how to be a better actor in the professional world. You may recall a favorite scene from a film. Of the young actors at the table, Joshua Jackson was probably the one with the most swagger at the moment.

Other symptoms may include: cough that may bring up thick white, yellow, or greenish mucus. It also gives you someone to play off of during your scene which is also easier for most to do instead of monologuing to an imaginary audience or character. This new book from the author of Scenes for Teens is a collection of 60 original comedy and drama scripts for younger actors. A woman actor is also an actress, but today most people use the word "actor" for both men and women. Now showing on MUBI Every day our experts introduce you to a film they love and you have a whole month to watch it, so there will always be 30 extraordinary films for you to enjoy.

A work of fiction will comprise many scenes, and each one of these individual scenes must be built with a structure most easily described as having a. Note: Due to the popularity of this post, I've moved it from the archives to the home page. Throughout the twentieth century, federal policy focussed on putting out fires as quickly as possible, but preventing megafires requires a different approach. View scripts in all genres and print them out for later reading.

Shakespeare takes the chance to make fun of the folks that support the children's plays in Elizabethan England by having Hamlet compare child-play supporters to the men that used to make stupid faces at his Uncle Claudius, and now pay big money for little pictures of him. Balladeer 1 Balladeer 2 Bandaid Tag. Instant message a librarian from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

At ActorPoint. The smallest cast you could have by doing all the scripts would be three males and four females. Please help the database grow. Milder manner in nature. Each piece in our collection delivers all the performance and style that a curious and creative cook needs to create palate pleasing dishes.

Browse our new and growing directory of movie scripts! Find your favorite movie and research scenes, settings, and even those catchy one-liners. Both before and after the regicide, it is Duncan's particularly virtuous nature that enhances Macbeth's sense of guilt. The movie, Room, however, was the film that made Jacob a real star. The most popular celebrities all in one place.

There are some eBook categories here. The Scenes Database is a free on-line database of operatic and musical theater scene and ensemble repertoire. The Actors Fund is a national human services organization here to meet the needs of our entertainment community. Perform every scene for free. We have the tools to make it as stress free as possible. Free theater resources for teachers for drama classroom, rehearsals, acting, auditions, directing, and writing play scripts.

Act 1, Scene 2, line 96 'May I with right and conscience make this claim? Young Actor Scenes. Plays and Players This is an inspiring and powerful book, a lucid account that will be of substantial use to people already using Theatre of the Oppressed. There are 12 short films for each play: 3 scenes filmed in colour, in the theatre and 8 workshops filmed in black and white, with actors and directors exploring those scenes.

From hilarious comedy to cutting-edge drama and everything in between, an exciting selection of monologues is at your fingertips. August 12, 5th revised draft kb pdf format imdb. Our free theatre resources are for both schools and theatre groups. These are original, high-quality play scripts that you will not find anywhere else. Each character has a motivation, what that person wants in the scene. We offer both carefully-selected classic monologues from public domain plays and original monologues written in contemporary speech on modern topics.

Actors and actresses are sometimes required to perform their auditions with another individual. Monologues and scenes for training and auditions. Travis Alabanza. Take the time after several pairs have shared their Open scenes to discuss what contributed to the success of a scene. It was so romantic ma! Lights Out. By: Alexander S. The scene opens with the actor pantomiming playing a video game.

There he is!

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The controller stops working and the screen is black. What the heck? Taps headset. Looks around. The power is out. I gotta find my flashlight. Fumbles around in near darkness. Here it is. Great dead batteries. I think we have some candles. Moves as if in the dark, opens a drawer. Finds a candle. Lights it. Looks around the room. Now what? Oh yeah… Microwave some popcorn?

Oh my God, I might starve. Mom and dad will be home soon. Okay, okay. People used to live without power all the time. How did they do that? Sits down, opens book and begins reading. It was a special pleasure to see things eaten, to see things blackened and changed. With the brass nozzle in his fists, with this great python spitting its venomous kerosene upon the world, the blood pounded in his head, and his hands were the hands of some amazing conductor playing all the symphonies of blazing and burning to bring down the tatters and charcoal ruins of history.

With his symbolic helmet numbered on his stolid head, and his eyes all orange flame with the thought of what came next, he flicked the igniter and the house jumped up in a gorging fire that burned the evening sky red and yellow and black. The lights come back on! Starts to get up. I might just read a little bit more. Opens book and begins reading again. He strode in a swarm of fireflies. He wanted above all, like the old joke, to shove a marshmallow on a stick in the furnace, while the flapping pigeon-winged books died on the porch and lawnof the house.

While the books went up in sparkling whirls and blew away on a wind turned dark with burning. Whippin Boy. By: Carl S. Never in my life have I deserved a whippin. I talk too loud.

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I left my backpack on the floor. I put it on my bed. I hear his truck roll up, and the crunch of gravel under his feet. My stomach goes all turvy and I try to keep quiet and to myself. But he finds me. Red eyed and close-fisted, he finds me alright. Sometimes I wonder why he ever had a kid. Other times, I think he had a kid cause he likes whippin. I got my own plans. Got a two hunderd and five dollars so far.

Even if he tracks me down, he got no rights. Too much trouble. I know it in my bones. They made of love. I still got love left. I got plenty of love left. Hey, I Miss You. Actor finishes writing the letter, then begins to read it. Soon after, she puts the letter down, and continues as if she were really talking to her friend. The last time we texted was when you sent me a message wishing me a Happy Birthday.

Thanks for remembering. And we did, for a while. I still have all the gifts you gave me, the fluff ball, the coloring page, the paintings, and that terrible ceramic dog that sort of resembles mine. Do you still have everything I gave you? Probably not, maybe you threw those away a long time ago. Remember when you first came to visit?

Then you made me laugh and after that you always came back. You were my first friend you know? When you moved in next door, I was so happy. I used to be sort of an outcast and suddenly I had my first best friend! We used to know everything about each other. I miss those days. Wishing for those times when you came over and we became like sisters. Do you know? I know him being in jail far away from you must be hard.

Love, Caroline. First Place Winner! Last night, I put all my clothes into the washer and dryer since most of them were dirty. To my surprise, they were all shrunken about three sizes after taking them out of the dryer! I only had my pajamas I slept in, so I wore them, as you can see. I put my hands onto the freezing car window and saw that my keys were inside of the car!

I had no choice but to walk to work. As I walked down the street, I heard something come from a nearby alleyway. Out of curiosity, I went to see what it was.

Let me tell ya, big mistake. There were about ten, no, about twenty ferocious street cats staring me down. I slowly backed away, but it was too late. They chased me down the alley. About five jumped onto me and attacked me. This is why there are a ton of scratches on my body. By some miracle, I was able to escape. I thought to myself, how can this morning get any worse? Trust me, it did. I was a block away from the work office when I went to the coffee shop right around the corner and got some hot coffee.

I realized that I was about to be late for work. I hurried to get out of the shop, and of course, I tripped and spilled the coffee all over the place.

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My work bag, my pajamas, my shoes, were soaked! Oh, then never-mind. By: Josie C. I am done with love. Go find someone else you can trick into going all mushy and stupid only to have his heart torn out and smashed like a wine glass at a Jewish wedding. Why did I even say wedding?! Love is like getting a puppy. And two years later, it gets run over and your parents try to tell you that he ran away, but you heard them talking about how nice the man was to come tell you.

He killed my dog! And now I wish that I never had a dog in the first place. Love is like that. Happiness, that ends up dead on the side of the road. So, kindly point your arrow in another direction. Find someone else to rip their heart to shreds. Punctuation Society. By: Sophie W. Welcome everyone to the Punctuation Society! This is our first, of many weekly meetings. As you may have noticed, Comma is not here. I specifically did not invite her.

This is a Comma-free society. Hey that rhymes! Smiles but then frowns again. She keeps talking on and on and on! When you finally think she is done she just links what she is talking about to something else! It is so annoying. And when I am annoyed, I leave, and everything gets pretty boring. No, ellipsis, we will not be taking a vote! I am the President. I have final say. Parentheses…stop whispering. Do you have something to share with the rest of us? Oh, you like her? She will make it impossible to get anything done.

Hey, you in the back, quiet down. Stop shouting! Get out! This is for punctuation marks only! Okay, now, back to business. No, Period…the meeting is not over. Sit back down. This is exhausting. I Hate Performing. By: Amber D. Pacing back and forth. Oh, why did I even sign up for this class? Everybody will be looking at me, judging me. The lights will be beaming in my eyes and my hands will start shaking like crazy. What if people start throwing things; or worse, tell everybody about my performance, and how much I sucked.

I would use any excuse in the book to not have to perform. I know what you guys are all thinking, just pretend to be sick. You know what; actually maybe I can do this. I know all my words. I just have to stay calm and relaxed. And the point is just to have fun, right? Alright, I can do this. Walks off-stage. No Cell Signal. By: Robert L. Student is speaking into a cell phone and pacing about the space; leaning over, crouching down, standing on tip toes, shouting, etc. Actor can come up with a variety of challenging and funny physical antics and facial expressions.

Can you hear me now? What about now? Are you there? Oh, okay. You can hear me, right? Yeah, this is my new iPhone 6. My mom just bought it for me. It is so LAME. I swear, I have to run all over the place, pushing people aside in order to get a signal. Oh, yeah. I can hear you now. Oh, I can hear you. You did what? Okay, you can hear me? I can hear you. The Things at School You Hate. By: Nikki D. How was my day? Well, imagine this. No way am I loaning you my pencil, freak.

At the end of class, you remember you loaned the troll your pencil. You only have two pencils so you have to get it back or your mother will nag you for losing it and costing her a small fortune in school supplies. You take a deep breath, approach the troll, and ask for your pencil back. The troll grunts something unintelligible and pulls your pencil out of his pocket.

You are horrified. What used to be a brand new No. You reach for it and realize it is covered in something sticky. Troll spit. That was MY pencil you ate, Jeffrey Dahmer! In your next class period, you slip a piece of chewing gum in your mouth. Unfortunately, the weird kid next to you saw you do it and now he wants a piece.

You tell him no and hope he gives up. I want a piece! What they do see is weird kid and obnoxious boy blowing gargantuan bubbles during class. Before you know it, everyone is asking where they can get a piece. So how was your day? Mind Reader. By: Thalia O. Okay I know this might sound crazy but just hear me out. Ahh I know crazy right. Basically, I know you have a crush on me. It explains a lot actually. Grim Reality.

By: Becca L.

A number of TV shows about teens include sex and drug scenes. But ‘Euphoria’ is far more extreme.

My name is Beatrice. I am 13 years old and I live in this hospital. While you are out experiencing life, I lie in this hospital bed. I have a window in my room. This man comes down the outside of the building every week to wash it. The hospital is right next to a middle school and I can see kids my age talking, playing sports, and eating pizza for lunch. No one would want to be me, though. Sometimes, when I see the nurses running by with patients on gurneys, or when I hear heart monitors making that long beeping sound, I wonder if that will happen to me.

If my brain fails, will I even know it? I often wonder how long I have left. My sister is my very best friend. When she is with me, I feel less alone, more normal. By: Ayomide A. Some kids are out there forever. They learn how to survive. They gave me a choice. Come here to the Happy Rancher or go to jail. Sarge even came down to visit with me. He told me about this place and, despite the stupid name, it sounded kinda cool. He did something most people never do for me. He asked me what I wanted.

He really wanted to know what he could do to help me. I just broke down and cried. It seemed like I cried forever. Real sob story, huh? Sad and pathetic. I have been most of my life, until now. I finally had something good but then I went and destroyed it. How could I be so stupid?! Why do I always do this? Why do I always mess things up? I always hurt someone. My daddy left because of me. He did. I found a letter he wrote my mama. Mama said it was for the best. I ran her off too. She had better things to do than play my games. I should have listened to you. Adults always like you. I get them to hate me.

You gotta admit, I do it well. I wanna be alone anyway, okay? Get far away. Like everyone else. If I Were Him. By: Mckenna S. Imagine walking down a dark alley-way lined with brick buildings, garbage and junk. Then, at the end, a light turns on, flickering. Under that is a man dressed in old clothes with holes, no socks or shoes. He is sitting on a grocery bag. He has a beard and scratches on his face, bruises too.

He has a dog with scraggly fur and only three legs. I walk to him. He waves at me but with only three fingers. He smiles with black teeth. I ask about the scars. He says it was a cat. I ask why he is not on the street asking for money. He answers that he does not want money from people. Then the light starts to flicker again and the man crawls back into his box. The light turns off. I think what my life would be like if I was him. As I walk away, I think about how this man had changed my life. The Day My Brother Left.

There are so many other options! Why did you pick the school that is half-way across the country? He was standing at the door, all packed and ready to go. I watched him as he said goodbye to my mom and dad. I was so overwhelmed that I just zoned out. Then, it was my turn to say goodbye. When he approached me, I looked up to see puddles of tears forming in his eyes.

He reached out to me and I hugged him, trying desperately to keep it together. I never wanted to let go. I wanted time to stop. He is going to miss his flight. I watched as he walked to the door and gave me one last wave. As the door shut behind him, crazy thoughts swirled in my head. What if he forgets all about me? All those memories… swoosh! Out the door they go. What if he never comes back? I turned away and lost control. I covered my face and I cried. I cried harder than I have ever cried before. How it Actually Went. By: Yoselyn H. It is not you, it is me. I feel our connection has been lost and I have fallen for someone else.

I want to breakup with you. Girl dramatically cries What?! Why me?! I guess I was wrong! This is how it actually went: Girl imitates boy voice; calmly So… um, I want to breakup with you. Girl being calm Uh, cool. You are the one. We belong together forever. You make me happy every day. Will you marry me? Girl acts melodramatically OMG! Yes of course! I love you! Fight for Light. By: Sarah Catherine M. I am everything.

I am nothing. I cannot see myself. I can only see them, my children. My magnificent, shining sources of love. They are as inviting as the smell of warm cookies wafting from the oven. My stars. I can see everything in the universe. Gliding through the galaxy, faster that hundreds of times the speed of light, I can see in all directions. My goal is consuming — to balance the raging war between good and evil, between darkness and me. I am the embodiment of all that is good in the universe. My purpose is to defeat the dark matter plaguing the universe. As I defend my stars and fight for all that is good in the universe, my opponent withers and shrinks, folding in on itself.

It is reduced to the purest form of darkness, shadow-light. It draws me toward it, sucking the light out of my soul. With a mighty heave, I launch myself toward it, overpowering the dark being and…and then I hear her. I almost beat my game! I set them down on my bedside table and gaze up at the sky, imagining myself soaring up through the atmosphere into the deep ocean of space. I can picture myself zooming through everything, surrounded by color and light…and I vow that I will one day go into space. Further, even. As far as my dreams will take me!

By: Matilda T. I am a Greek goddess named Persephone. Oh, you think your life is tough, doing your homework, going to school, cleaning your room. Well, welcome to my world. I have to live in the Under World for six months of the year as, um… Queen of the Dead! My mother is the Goddess of Harvest, so she makes all the flowers grow and that sort of thing. At least I have the King of the Dead for company. When I come back above ground, I transform into the Goddess of Spring.

Wanna hear my story? Once upon a time, when there was only Spring and Summer, my father, Zeus, King of the Living, thought I should have a husband. So, he sent his brother Hades to marry me. A little bit gross. Then he took me to his Underworld, which meant everything stopped growing on the top of the ground. Yep, no more pleasant Spring weather for everyone to enjoy. Meantime, Hades, my new husband, persuaded me to eat six pomegranate seeds. Just six little seeds. What a mistake that turned out to be! So then… wait, are you listening? Right now, I want all ears please… there was a prophesy — that means a prediction by the Gods — that if anybody ate anything from the Underworld, they would have to stay there.

Now I never knew this, so here I am warning you after all this happened. Persephone you have been tricked! Darling, listen to me. You now have to stay there for six months of the year. Sure, he might be a King of the Underworld and the pomegranate trick was a bit wicked, but we seem to be a perfect match! Anyway, back to the seasons. So now- when I go to see my wonderful Hades, my mother stops letting plants grow and becomes Winter, because she is so sad I am going. So that is my story, and also the story of how we have the seasons. Ya Sah! That means goodbye.

The Assignment. By: Oren S. A student sits at a desk, agonizing over a blank piece of paper. But, two weeks ago Mrs. Rolanda, my English teacher, announced that we were all going to write original monologues. There are 36 people in my English class. Only one person thought this would be fun.

And the kid thinks everything is fun. Literally everything. One time he was excited when we were assigned a page essay on Millard Fillmore, who is the most boring person in history. Who really wants to know that much about the 13th president of the US? The only thing interesting about him is his name. His Wikipedia page is half that many pages, and that has pictures and headings and stuff! At least the monologue only has to be a page. I used to like English class. That was before 5th grade. In 5th grade, Mr. Fartherman ruined it for me. He hated the English language.

He hated to talk in it, hated to write it, hated to listen to it. If you hate English so much, then why did you become an English teacher? When we came into the class, he would give out a worksheet with instructions on the board. He hated to write in English, so they were always in a different language. He would never tell us which one. So, every day, the class would figure out what language it was, type it into google translate, and read the instructions. By the time we did all that, the period was almost over. Come to think of it, I think he would have been a great World Language teacher.

So anyway, he ruined the subject English for me. Every teacher I got after him kinda sucked. You know what? Well I guess I have to go write my stupidmonologue thing now. What should I write about? Everything I just said. That was a monologue! I wrote a monologue! Who knew It could be so fun?

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Sits back down at desk and starts writing. Third Place Winner! By: Sam M. Wait, did you guys call me a thief right here, did you really just call me a thief?! Ok you know, that hurts. How could you say that? Well you know what? I take pride in my skills. No one can match my skills or mastery. Listen up guys I can break into any house anywhere, anytime, take whatever I want, in and out ten minutes no prints no evidence nothing.

I could be on the beach right now tanning like a churro with a margarita in one hand and a woman on the other sitting on my lap! Do I feel bad about what I do for a living, no. By: Trequan D. He taped you to the back of his car because his tail-light was out. By: Lauren B. My life sucks. Every single aspect of it. So, first, my best friend and neighbor is not the sharpest tool in the shed, to say the least.

I moved into my neighborhood in His lack of intelligence gets in the way of everything, and I have to act dumb with him just to make him feel better. The only time I have fun with him is when we gang up on our other neighbor. And my job? My job is a living nightmare.

I work in an unsanitary kitchen as a cook. My jerk of a neighbor works there, too, and only complains about everything. I pretend to love my job, since I work for less than minimum wage, and my boss would fire me if I even suggested a raise. But all she cares about is doing dumb science experiments, mostly tests on me! One good thing…I have a pet. And guess what? Even my pet snail hates me. Yeah, pretty sad. At What Cost? By: Olivia S. Dolly Ransun is a year-old girl who lives in Georgia with her mom.

Her dad left before she was born. Her exterior is very stuck up and arrogant but internally she is very down to earth. The only reason she does pageants anymore is in hopes that her dad will reach out to her. In this monologue, she is running through her chorography for her up-and-coming pageant and slowly unraveling.

She is talking to herself about all the things on her mind. Walk, walk, walk and cupcake hands and left foot, two steps right foot, two steps and… pauses Shoot! What the heck comes after the right foot? Is it the turn or walking the other way? Get your act together!

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Okay, start again. Smile, walk, walk, walk and cupcake hands and… left foot two steps and…right foot two steps and turn and back rolls her ankle and collapses in pain. My stupid ankle! You have one job, ankle, one job: Stay. Picks herself up. Walk, walk, walk and cupcake hands and turn and heart face! The fake eyelashes, the hair, the nails, and starving myself. For what? A chance Dad might finally come back? Long pause. I got mama and grandma and grandpa who love me and support me.

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No matter what. Tired of trying to get something that feels…. My childhood has been taken away from me. I mean when was the last time I went to the park? Or went swimming my friends? Heck, when have I ever done something just for fun? Something just for me? This is not who I am. I have to tell her. I need to tell her. Calling out.

Listen up, Doggie-O. By: Chelsie K. Now listen up here doggie-o. I was here first, and as a feline, I have the advantage in the smarts department. See that bowl there? You ever tangled with a cat before? Now, over there is my bed. As in goofball. Which most dogs are. See, the humans, they respect me. I have dignity and poise. I even keep myself clean, and I would never, ever roll around in stinky stuff in the yard, or chew on dirty socks and then lick the humans. What are you trying to do? Hey, what are you trying to do back there?

Ya better watch it, doggie-o.

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How are You? By: Ellie K. How am I doing? From the outside looking in, it seems as though I have a lot of friends, but no one knows the real me. I feel as though I am slowly fading away from reality. Medicine is not magic, I guess. It just sort of covers up all the hurt and emptiness. Well, not any more than the next person, I guess. Everyone thinks about it at one time or another. I will eventually break…a lot of people do. Well, then. How are you doing? Elves on Strike. By: Jeremy K. No more working from sunup to sundown without so much as a snickerdoodle break!

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We're gonna show you how Keep in mind, actors spend years and even lifetimes perfecting their craft. Barbie Girl : A girl surrounds herself with Barbie dolls in her attempt to hide a painful secret. Plus, they may give us a hint as to who in the cast will be exiting the show first. Actor's Choice: Monologues for Teens is here to help. Rating details. I learned early on that life is always what you get but never what you want.

What does Santa think we are, robots? Cleaning chocolate poo is not in the elf job description! And Snazzy, there was that time when he ordered you to let Mrs. I mean, what the falalala was he thinking? I mean he makes us wear these ridiculous Pinnocchio outfits and sing while we work, while he sits on his big fat butt watching the weather channel. And on Christmas day, he takes ALL the credit. Imitating children. Ooooh, look what Santa got me! How did he know I wanted this? We did it all.

Santa is just a lazy guy with a wiggly belly who works basically one day a year. Nothing but a gloried delivery man if you ask me! Listens to someone in the audience.