Majdal Yaba Timeline (1)

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Sometimes ruins develop their own grassroots traditions, while in other cases a municipality or country may choose to organize an event. Some categories and examples: Concerts - Here in Israel we have a number of examples, such as David Broza at Masada or concerts in the Caesaria theater. A theater company in Winnipeg, Canada hosts an annual event called Shakespeare in Ruins.

This may exist elsewhere as well.

United Nations: Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP)

Dance - the Khajuraho Dance Festival takes place in India at the open-air auditorium in front of the Chitragupta Temple. Sport - the International Egyptian Marathon goes by the temple at Luxor.

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A little further north are fragments of a building, which appear to be Crusading. Zikrin is part of the surroundings of Antipatris and particularly for the history of this town the flourishing of settlements during the Byzantine period seems to be of a greater importance than usually mentioned : the town of Antipatris was probably completely destroyed during the earthquake of AD and never recovered from this disaster, as it was revealed by archaeological evidence provided by the excavations carried out at the site during the last 15 years See the rejections of M. Falls, Cyril Urman, Excavations at Kursi, Qadmoniot, 22, , p. Majdal Tsedek :. Ruins can be a great setting for events, be they annual or one-off.

In the Olympics in Athens, the shot put competition was held in the stadium of Olympia, where the original Olympics took place. Weddings - we found many examples of wedding planners designing weddings in ruins. Often this type of event can be far less intrusive than configuring a site to be a permanent tourist attraction year-round.

When a ruin is turned into a tourist attraction, its ruin-ness pretty much comes to an end. An event, however, can be held without transforming the site.

Route 181 - Majdal Yaba

It ends with the resolution that the Palestinians should be violently transferred out of the area that would become the new Jewish state. Ben-Gurion declared to the meeting that every attack should end with occupation.

January 1 Ben-Gurion writes in his diary: There is a need now for strong and brutal action. We need to be accurate about timing, place and those we hit.

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If we accuse a family - we need to harm them without mercy, women and children included. January 4 In Jaffa, members of Irgun, disguised as Arabs, left a truck filled with explosives between Barclay's bank, and the former palace of the Ottoman governor.

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Twenty-eight Arabs were killed, and sixty injured. It is true that not all of Jerusalem is Jewish, but it has in it already a huge Jewish bloc when you enter the city through Lifta and Romema In many Arab neighborhoods in the west you do not see even one Arab. I do not suppose it will change.

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And what happened in Jerusalem and Haifa can happen in large parts of the country. If we persist it is quite possible that in the next six or eight months there will be considerable changes in the country, very considerable, and to our advantage.

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Majdal Yaba Timeline (1) - Kindle edition by Khaled Essale. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Palestine Remembered (فلسطين في الذاكرة)/ Majdal Yaba - مجدل The village was named Majdal al-Sadiq, after one of its chiefs, al-Sadiq, who led.

There will certainly be considerable changes to the demographic composition of the country. March 10 In the Tel-Aviv headquarters of Hagana, Plan Dalet is finalized by the Consultancy, then dispatched in the form of orders to Zionist military units.

(May - September 1947)

April 3 Hagana forces lay siege to Tiberias. April 17 Hagana forces attack and bisect the Arab section of Tiberias.

Hagana tactics included the use of barrels loaded with explosives rolled into residential areas. April 22 Early in the morning, Zionist forces launched a major attack against Haifa, from which British forces had just withdrawn, and controlled a large part of the city by dawn.